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  1. Any progress on this? I tried firmware 3.6 and still no joy.
  2. Update: The tivo remote is not a learning remote, but it can be programmed to transmit a couple of commands from other remotes by inputting manufacturer codes on the keypad. So I programmed it to know the volume buttons for my denon receiver. Then I tried a couple of variations: (1) learn from denon, press-to-hold on denon Result: repeating works (2) learn from denon, press-to-hold on tivo Result: repeating works!! (3) learn denon code from tivo, press-to-hold on tivo Result: repeating works!! So I broke out the smartphone camera and looked at the IR transmitters and this is what I saw: When the denon remote transmits it blinks fast enough that the IR light looks almost continuous When the tivo remote tranmits a denon code it blinks at about the same rate as the denon When the tivo remote transmits a tivo code it blinks much slower, slow enough to see the on/off transitions I looked at the IR blink rates on two other remotes. Flirc does hold-and-repeat with both of them OK: sony remote - IR light looks almost continuous wdtv live remote - IR visibly blinks, but blinking is slightly faster than the tivo
  3. Just got two flircs yesteday and I've having problems. First thing was to teach it some keys from the sony remote for my tv. It worked great, including repeat on hold. Then I tried to teach it keys from my tivo peanut remote and that seemed to work ok, except that holding a button down does not cause the keypress to repeat, unlike the sony remote. I am using linux. Here's what I did: (1) Checked firmware. Result: v2.3 (2) Upgraded firmware to v3.3 Result: No change. (3) Got out my smartphone camera and looked at the IR emitters to verify they are transmitting. Result: Yes they blink continuously as long as the button is held down - they also seem to transmit something extra when the button is released (4) Tried re-recording the button without releasing it in case that end pattern was confusing things Result: No change (5) Set interkey delay to 0. Result: No change (6) Set interkey delay to 6. Result: No change (7) Repeated the above steps with the 2nd flirc. Result: Identical behavior. Any suggestions on what to try next? My thoughts: Maybe the tivo remote is sending 3 'events' - key down, repeating key held down, and key released. Perhaps flirc is triggering on the key down signal but ignoring the key repeating (and key released) events. Is there a way to put flirc in a debug mode that just dumps everything coming into the IR receiver to stdout in hex? I'm attaching a picture of this particular model of the tivo peanut remote because there are more than one. Inside the battery compartment there is silk-screened label that looks like a model number: SPCA-00031-005A
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