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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have upgraded my firmware so that I now can map a remote button to wake the computer. That's half of the solution. The other half is getting the computer to sleep. I'll play around with some settings to see if I can map a single key to the computer's sleep function. Thanks, Matt
  2. v3.3 works. One has to program the wake button and check Advanced->Sleep detection but now it works. Great work. Thanks Matt
  3. I'm using one remote, in part because Flirc allows me to map the keys on my one remote to keyboard values. It's a manufacturer's TV remote. I've mapped the up/down/left/right/enter/back buttons on this remote to the appropriate keyboard keys using Flirc. That works well. The problem is that I will use these remote buttons for the TV from time to time. The buttons are not exclusive to my use on the computer. I suspect I'm not the only person with this situation. What I don't want is be pressing keys on the computer when I'm using the TV remote for other purposes. Is there a way to temporari
  4. First off, I think Flirc is great. It saves me from having to use the mac mini remote. However there are two problems (one I'll discuss here, the other is for another post). I'm using firmware 2.3 (came with it). Everything programs up well. The only problem is when my Mac Mini (OSX 10.6.8) sleeps, it wakes up about 2 mins later. Flirc wakes it up. It's plugged directly into the USB port on the back of the Mac Mini (no hub, though I've tried that and the result is still the same). Leaving Flirc unplugged results in normal sleep behavior. But of course, then I can't use it. This (like
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