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  1. I use windows 7 and I've tried connecting it to few different USB ports, it is the same.
  2. Suddendly my working flirc and configuration stopped working, trying to debug it I tried to teach it a key again, then message popped saying that this button already exist, but when I click it nothing happens. I tried a different remote and again Flirc does study successfully(it blinks and then stop blinking only when I click at the remote) but again it doesn't do anything when not in learning mode. help me please
  3. Thanks for your response, I found the problematic app (Smart IR Remote) it kept interrupting flirc even when the app was closed... once I removed it the flirc worked like a charm. much better than my RC6 one.
  4. I tried it on my laptop (win7 32bit) and my PC(win7 64bit) it works perfectly on both when my phone is in the drawer. once I bring my phone out(even after the configuration) the remote won't work properly. If there is line of sight between the flirc and my phone, the remote won't work at all. if not it might work but I need to press like 3-4 times each button. and when I put my phone back in the drawer the remote works perfectly again. I'm using the latest stable firmware (3.3) This is kinda funny and took me few hours to realize that this is the problem...
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