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  1. Now that the holiday season has passed, one final bump before mine goes back. I understand that this is a one-man project, and support is difficult. However, I don't think it's too much to ask to provide a way to acquire older firmware that we know worked. Jason said he would send me a new firmware image, and I know that takes time to create. All I would like is the old firmware image in the meantime (or permanently, so I can avoid this issue in the first place). I suppose I could ask Amazon to exchange it and hope I get another one with 2.3 on it, but it seems that the rest of my household has managed to learn how to use my more complicated universal remote, so I guess the Flirc isn't all that necessary anymore. Jason, please consider letting customers access an archive of old firmware. It's a quick, easy fix when a new firmware has surprise bugs. Customers will be happy because their product is working again, and you won't feel as pressured to find the problem and release a new firmware to fix it.
  2. Any update on this. I need to return the Flirc before the return period is over if a solution can't be figured out soon.
  3. I just got in a Flirc from Amazon, and I'm trying to set it up to use my FiOS remote. Everything was working perfectly for about 5 minutes, until I made the dumb mistake of updating the firmware. Now, the unit will not program any buttons correctly. It seems to be clearing the configuration correctly, because the command line says 0 buttons programmed. However, when trying to record buttons using the GUI, it doesn't work. It will record the first button correctly (up), but when moving onto the next (left), it says "Button already exists". No matter how many times I clear the configuration, it still says the same thing. I can manually erase the buttons, but even when doing that, the buttons all seem to have the same action. If I program up first, everything goes up. It seems like the firmware update messed up the Flirc, because I can't think of anything else that I did between it working and it not working. Please help.
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