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  1. Poweron doesn't work yet. I'll need a software update. I keep wanting to get to it, but my day job is killing me. Taking next week off so I'll address it this weekend. Very sorry for the inconvenience, it should only take me a few hours.


    any news?  :)


    greetz loki

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  2. don't worry, the xbmc controller in my GUI is just a bunch of keyboard shortcuts conveniently labeled so you don't have to look them up. All you need is media portal's keyboard shortcuts and you can program them manually with the GUI keyboard controller.


    done so, only struggling with power on! works with my wireless keyboard by hitting any key, so it should work via remote too i think.

    anything else working smooth, may the harmony thing is a little confusing, whish they had a GUI like yours! ;)


    greetz loki

  3. Hi,

    i just wanted to say thank you.

    Got my flirc yesterday for my streacom htpc and i think it is awesome, but i only had some hours to play with it until now.

    Before i start questioning i'm reading through the forum, new IR-Device and new remote (harmony touch) is damn confusing.

    My first impression is that this is an XBMC thing, good for me using mediaportal. :(


    I'm switching over from the libCEC adapter because there are some features missing like startig programs and powering on both, tv and pc).


    That's it! :D

    Will head over again when done with the setup or completly distracted. ;)


    greetz loki



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