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  1. I think as a Harmony-user I could try to find a workaround via a macro (when pushing button "back" send signal for time x then pause for time y), but if you want to find a workaround that also works for non-Harmony-users, I won't do that so that I can still serve as a guinea pig and test your hacks. :)
  2. almost there: Works exactly like the FTV-Remote-Back Button but if you press it only a little time to long (~0,5s, maybe even shorter) it sends double-key-presses. Tried different inter-key-delay-settings but made no difference.
  3. flirc_util.exe seems to be the only exe(cutable)-file in the zip-folder. I already tried manually copying simply flirc_util.exe into the Flirc.Directory, but Flirc-GUI told me anyways that I already got the most recent firmware on my FLIRC. o.O
  4. I would really like to test this, but unfortunately for Windows there ist only the flirc_util.exe in your Upload. :/
  5. I wanted to know, how I teach my flirc to perform this action. ;) Should've been more specific
  6. works like a charm! Anyway, the back-button does not work properly, so I'd really like to know, how Ned Scott managed to configure "browser back".
  7. @Ned Scott: What do you mean with "browser back"? I cannot find this Option in the Flirc-GUI. @sweller: The FireTV is always on, so there is no need for a sleep/wake-function!
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