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  1. One more thing, I tried typing flirc_util.exe status and it returns Last upgrade attempt: Error
  2. Ok, i forced a firmware update again. Formatted it using flirc_util.exe, but still no luck. I just noticed the usb connector on the flirc is slightly angled downwards in relation to the dongle itself, is it supposed to be like that? I just got it today and I've been pretty gentle with it, so I know I didn't bend it. I live in Iceland, so returning it and getting a new one will probably be a hassle. Can you tell me whether I'm supposed to send it to my supplier(ModMyPi) or straight to flirc.tv?
  3. Yes, correct. I tried my samsung TV remote, a generic brand universal remote(with many different IR codes), and a pioneer amp remote. I tried bouncing the signal, pointing it directly at the flirc and standing a few meters away from it, but nothing happens.
  4. Firmware 3.3(I updated it before trying to map the buttons) Update: I also tried to downgrade to firmware 3.0, but no luck.
  5. Update: I also tried programming the flirc on a raspberry pi running openELEC. The same happens, it says the flirc is connected, but just sits there waiting for a keypress, tried 3 remotes on the pi.
  6. I just received my flirc today. I installed the software GUI and plugged it in and it recognized my flirc. But when I tried to program my remote it doesn't record, just sits there waiting for an IR signal. I've tried 3 different computers(2 windows 7 64 bit and 1 windows 8.1 64 bit) and many usb ports. I also tried 3 different remotes, no luck. Is my flirc dongle broken or is there something that I'm doing wrong?
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