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  1. Ok it worked.


    In the harmony remote settings (The harmony software) edit the XMBC device (IE the Flirc profile for the XBMC).  Change the power settings to "One key turns the device on and off" and set it to Poweroff.  Ensure that for the activity you created for the XBMC is powered off when not in use.


    Then ssh into xbmc and create suspend.xml in .xbmc/userdata/keyboards with the following:

       <f12 mod="ctrl">XBMC.Suspend()</f12>

    Now when turning off the device the XBMC will suspend!  Works just great on the chrome box.


    Thanks for the great instructions, I am using Kodi 14 and cannot find the keybords subdirectory under /storage/.kodi.userdata, it is not under a folder called peripherals either, should I create this folder and drop the suspend.xml in there?


    Many thanks.

  2. I posted this same post in the Kodi forum and had multiple replies however, I still think that there isen't a quick and easy answer, ever so frustrating as all the other devices I have set up on my Harmony one work flawlessly except Flirc xbmc.


    When I got my Flirc initially, I have setup the Harmony One for Flirc and XBMC, worked OK apart from the back button.

    Then I decided to upgrade the Flirc software from version 1.6 I think to the latest version 3.3 and now have lost the use of waking the Aus Chromebox from sleep and shutting it down, is there a way I can regain this back.

    Somehow the back button on my Harmony One does not send a signal when pressed, can I add a button on the harmony software then get it mapped in Flirc GUI? or how should this work?




    The sugestion given by wrxtasy #3 in the Kodi forum work pretty well, now the only thing missing is the wake and suspend, hope someone can help with this.

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