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  1. Thanks for the great instructions, I am using Kodi 14 and cannot find the keybords subdirectory under /storage/.kodi.userdata, it is not under a folder called peripherals either, should I create this folder and drop the suspend.xml in there? Many thanks.
  2. I posted this same post in the Kodi forum and had multiple replies however, I still think that there isen't a quick and easy answer, ever so frustrating as all the other devices I have set up on my Harmony one work flawlessly except Flirc xbmc. When I got my Flirc initially, I have setup the Harmony One for Flirc and XBMC, worked OK apart from the back button. Then I decided to upgrade the Flirc software from version 1.6 I think to the latest version 3.3 and now have lost the use of waking the Aus Chromebox from sleep and shutting it down, is there a way I can regain this back. Somehow the back button on my Harmony One does not send a signal when pressed, can I add a button on the harmony software then get it mapped in Flirc GUI? or how should this work? Edit: The sugestion given by wrxtasy #3 in the Kodi forum work pretty well, now the only thing missing is the wake and suspend, hope someone can help with this.
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