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  1. A quick update to this. I also have a laptop running Linux, latest version of openSUSE. I downloaded and installed the Linux GUI and when I run it, it reports "unsupported firmware, try upgrading" while the firmware version at the bottom-left reports v3.3. Was hoping maybe Linux GUI would solve it, but no luck.
  2. I've got a new FLIRC last week, first one, think its brilliant. On first programming, out of the box, basic template, it programed and worked perfectly in XBMC. I subsquently attempted to program more keys for XBMC, which appeared to program fine, but then subsequent use in XBMC yeilded zero response, even the keys that worked previously. As I tried to Clear the Configuration and re-program, I received a number of errors that looked like bugs, so on guideance from this forum I updated the firmware, then to 3.1. Since the update, the GUI appears to work perfectly; I run the programming processes, press remote keys, and the Gui responds immediately that its programmed perfectly, yet when I go to XMBC or wherever, the Apps completely ignore key presses from the remote. On top of that, when I go back to the Gui and attempt to re-program, the Gui does NOT tell me the keys are already programmed, or force me to erase them. Its almost as if the programming isnt being written to the device. I forced the firmware to 3.3 today, and results are exactly the same. When I unplug the FLIRC, the Gui detects is unplugged, and when I plug is back-in, it detects connected. No errors or issues installing drivers or firmware updates. Honestly, it acts 100% perfectly, from a setup standpoint, but just wont actually work inside any Applications. Using Win7, and have tried on two different PC's, with identical results. Using an RCA universal remote. Super-appreciate any ideas or suggestions. Thanks.
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