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  1. It works here, Jason, keys are no longer stuck in endless repeats. Once in a while it ignores/skips a keypress, but maybe that has to do with the interkey delay. I will play around with that setting later. I was asked to install the firmware multiple times too, and also got a message saying something about (i quote from memory) unrecognized firmware. Still, it works, thanks!
  2. Hi, I registered here to join the club. The problem didn't appear out of the blue on my chromebox running Openelec. It had been there from time to time since I bought my flirc a few months ago, but it always disappeared again. Then, a few weeks ago, suddenly the sticking keys were there almost constantly, and the problem just wouldn't go away. I hadn't upgraded the firmware or anything. I had made no changes that could provoke it, I think. I've read all the threads on this, and I have spent hours trying to find a logic befind the problem and fix it. So, now my flirc goes back into the drawer, it's useless, sadly. I'm quite disappointed with this, I must say. Like the others here, I really wanted it to work.
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