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  1. Now it works!! Thanx!! One-man-jobs always sucks, maybe search for a second programmer/coder...
  2. Also need a fix. What I really don't understand, why are you selling stuff that doesn't work yet?
  3. Hey, I've got a lot of troubles with my Flirc. For beginning, it didn't function at all under Win7, GUI crashed immediately. After searching for a while the problem was a WD external HD, it sounds totally funny, but after the WD was connected to the external USB3 port, and the Flirc to an internal USB2 the Gui crashed. After connecting the WD to an external USB2 port, the problem was gone. Making any sense, not at all, but it was the solution! But now if installed Win 8.1. Flirc is correct installed, and functions. But i can't program it, can't bind keys, can't delete keys, nothing at all. When is use the command based version of Flirc, it telles me that the Firmware version=V240.240 . I think it isn't able to write and read from the Flirc, if i change a setting, Interkey Delay, it isn't saving the value. Anybody with tips? Running in win 7 modus doesn't help.
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