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  1. Tried various things however the flirc refused to play ball. Got a new one sent out and worked straight out of the box. Great device for HTPC and Harmony one.
  2. Hi All,I have a simillar problem. Have posted in the How to thread and then saw this. Have run device manager but do not see flirc device in the Keyboard. When I try and open the unknown USB device I get the following message "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" Should I return this or is there some firmware that I can download to get this going
  3. Hi All, I am having the same problem. Downloaded the software on my Windows 8 desktop and Windows 7 laptop. When I insert the Flirc into either the PC or laptop I get the message that it is not recognised. I have a Harmony One RC and I have updated the RC with the Flirc profile but the HTPC does not react. Could you please advise as I cannot see anything else on Google search. Thanks.
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