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  1. Hi, thanks for your msg.


    I managed to sort this issue a week ago, but waited to report in this forum so that I could properly test it. So far I have had no problems.


    The issue was the same as one user who reported having a harmony remote - somehow, flirc was being affected by several IR commands being blasted. Even though I have the latest firmware (3.1, gui v1.29), it seems it is still vulnerable to this issue.


    So I installed a dedicated blaster just for flirc, so it is not affected by other IR commands. And from that day, the PC wakes up with my remote. :)

  2. Hi there,


    I have used flirc for quite a year or so in my ubuntu box (+XBMC+Harmony 900 remote), and never had problems with it. Recently, I decided to install Win7 instead, and managed to get everything working - except for the sleeping part. What is strange is that I manage to get the machine to sleep and wake with my remote without any issues as long as I wake it up within a few seconds/minutes.


    If I leave it to sleep for say 30 min+, then I am not able to wake the machine up. I have to manually switch it on to wake my machine, and then I find that flirc is not receiving any commands (which is why it wasn't waking it!).  To get it to work again, I just need to open the gui, which then says "connected" and everything works. 


    Can you help me figure out what is wrong?


    => Running firmware 3.1, gui v1.29

    => I have "sleep detection" on, "noise canceler" off, "builtin profiles" on, "sequence modifiers" off

    => Win7 with the latest updates

    => hybrid sleep: Off, set with S3 

    => I have disabled all USB root hubs to allow the computer to turn off the device to save power

    =>  I have set the HID keyboard device (flirc) as the only device to wake the computer



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