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  1. Hi,


    I bought a flirc recently and I love it, however in the last few days its giving more consistent problems.


    I always have the flirc plugged into the same USB port. My flirc firmware is 3.0 and using Windows 7 Ultimate


    1. when the pc just boots up I expect the flirc to work right away, and from the last used configuration.

    However it won't respond until I manually launch the flirc software. Sometimes I even have to manually load my saved config to have it working.

    I really wants to use my remote after pc booted up, any manual intervention after boot up is extremely inconvenient. How can I solve this problem?


    2. The Erase function is very erratic and after I erased a key I still got prompted (key already in use) when I attempt to assign that key a new function. I tried erase the key many times still the same problem. I think I succeed once many days ago but no joy after that occasion.


    Any advice is appreciated,

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