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  1. Thanks for the replay. i'l check it out and replay Thanks Refael. edit: sorry for that, your right. i was trying to set up my tv remote for XBMC and did not realize that except XBMC controller i can also use keyboard controller for the tv remote. everything work like charm now.
  2. Hi. i just got the flirc today and i'm sorry to say there a lot of work to be done on XBMC. there is no "context menu" button key on xbmc controller and the "full screen mode" button is not doing what it supposed to do. dose are the most important keys in XBMC . the flirc programer need to know a little bit about XBMC before he release it to the public. please go and learn. you can download one of many free XBMC control app's to your smartphone to understand what dose feature do. please replay. Thanks Refael.
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