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  1. Good Day fellow Flircers Recently bought my first Flirc, tested with some old DVD remote and seems to be working fine. Released with FW version 2.0 and i updated it to 3.1 via the menu ( not too sure if that was the best move !? :unsure: since i read some post claiming it to have quite some bugs and "key delay" issues. Anyways searching for an accompanying Media Centre remote to use in conjunction with it, was searching around a bit and saw the new Xbox One Media remote that looks pretty neat and decent. Just wondering will it be compatible with FLIRC and XMBC ? Anyone that has the remote and setup running XMBC that runs it that can comment and give there 2c and review on the above or recommend a good remote to use, that is not overly expensive ? Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance. Peace :) http://www.gamestop.com/xbox-one/accessories/xbox-one-media-remote/113914
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