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  1. I also have a plasma so that could be contributing. What I don't understand at all is that nothing has changed in my house. It worked fine for months but now it's having this issue. Not even a lightbulb change. (which mine are also all CFL)
  2. The new firmware didn't help. Started doing in the afternoon today as well. Missed the start of the Formula 1 race because of it as well. I think I have a defective unit. What kind of warranty is on these things?
  3. That's what I think it is. I was trying to say that I had eliminated everything from the equation except the FLIRC. I'm upgrading the firmware as we speak. The only thing that makes me think something else is going on is it seems that it only happens a night, like after eight at night. That doesn't seem to make any sense but it's pretty consistent and hasn't done it during the day. The running joke was it didn't like me. It would work fine all day but when I got home from work it would go on the fritz.
  4. I'll do that in the morning. I just eliminated everything else. Turned off all the lights and removed the USB extension I was using. I'll try the new firmware in the morning. I'm not recording keys, I'm using the FLIRC XBMC preset in the Harmony software. I'll followup later today.
  5. I've developed the same problem a couple of days ago. It's been working fine for the several months I've had it and I have not changed a thing, not even a lightbulb. I'm using elec on an Asus Chromebox with a Harmony Smartcontol FWIW. It has ruined the wife acceptance factor completely, and is really anoying me.
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