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  1. Ah, I see, yes that makes sense. Ok, that's a shame. I had hoped that flirc was going to work like a usb-uirt, but it seems that that's not to be. Thanks for your help. Lee
  2. Thanks for replying. I did find one other mention of Intelliremote on the forums (which hinted at some success, but no explanation of how!). I can understand the logic of flirc (makes a lot of sense), it's just not going to fit into my system as I've set it up, so hoping someone may have used it similarly to how I need. Lee
  3. Hi everyone I use Intelliremote to manage all of the remote controls on my machines. It enables me to use different profiles, and allocate a range of actions/keyboard presses to specific remote control buttons. I bought a flirc because I thought it would enable me to use a universal remote on a new PC. However, I've now learned that flirc actually appears as a keyboard in windows, and not as an IR receiver. I therefore cannot find any way of getting flirc to interact with intelliremote. So: 1. Is there any way of getting flirc to be recognised as an IR receiver rather than a keyboard? 2. If not, is anyone aware of any way that I can get Intelliremote to recognise the flirc inputs? (I know this isn't an intelliremote forum, but I'm assuming at least some people using flirc will also use intelliremote). Flirc is neat, but if I can't get it to work nicely with Intelliremote, it's not going to be much use to me. Thanks Lee
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