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  1. Tried that of course. I'm sure its a dependency issue but despite installing all of the QT development packages its still no dice.
  2. Nope. All you get by following that guide is can't connect to usb device and something bad happened errors. Of course may be dependency errors as none of the ones listed are Fedora package names but i'm 99.9 percent sure ive tracked down equivalents.
  3. As title says. Haven't been able to use Flirc for aeons as no .rpm installs available. Even went to bother of converting the deb file with alien but that just produces transaction check errors from file conflicts. You really do need to change product and website information to supporting Ubuntu only and NOT Linux.
  4. I can see a lot of info on here regarding the Harmony 650 so apologies for starting another thread but I have had no useful success following any of the advice. I currently use an old Sky remote with FLIRC to control XBMC and all works great but I invested in the Harmony so I could also control other hifi boxes and turn off all the system at once. However, its not working half as well as the old remote did. I'm using 2.6 stable version on Ubuntu 64bit. I've chosen allow built in profiles in the advanced settings which is the closest thing I can find to all the mentions on here of a Ha
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