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  1. I just noticed something that could be relevant. I was using my remote with Flirc, just browsing my Plex library, and decided to turn of my air conditioner. When I did so using the IR remote, I heard the USB disconnect sound come from my media center, which I found odd. I went back to the couch and my Flirc was no longer responding. I plugged it out and back in, all was working again. So i turned my AC off on and back off and same thing, Flirc is disconnected. IT seems as though Flirc is receiving a shutdown command from my AC remote. How can i disable this?!?!
  2. I would also like access to previous firmwares to see if they solve my issue with the Flirc going to sleep after a while and not waking up until it's unplugged and plugged back in.
  3. Same problem here. I can use it for a few hours with no problem. But after I get home from work, and not having used it since the night before, I have to disconnect my Flirc and reconnect it for it to work. This only started happening when I updated firmware to v3 and the software to latest version as well. I did this one after the other so no idea if any one of those caused it. My setup is below: Windows 7 Pro x64 Plex/XBMC Flirc plugged into USB extension cable Harmony remote Is there a way to revert firmware to 2.x? I can't find the download.
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