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  1. I might have a related issue - on my Win7 HTPC, I installed the drivers and updated to 3.0. The flirc was accepting configurations and everything looked like it would work, but when I tested it on a notepad file, the remote would not navigate or type the numbers 0-9, or do anything.


    Finally I plugged in an actual keyboard (my normal configuration has NO keyboard installed), and the flirc immediately started working.


    Please post back if your issue was resolved.

  2. I had submitted a support request but thought I'd search here too.


    I just picked up the flirc last week and got it working great, except for this issue. Running the 3.0 firmware.


    With my configuration, I completely startup/shutdown my HTPC when I use it.


    Almost every time my Win7 HTPC boots up, the flirc is not a listed device. I have to physically remove it from the USB slot and re-insert it, get the USB detected sound, and then it works as per normal until I start the HTPC next time.


    I have tried multiple USB ports but no change.

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