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  1. A short YouTube video of my flirc using the WD live remote.Flirc with WD remote for xbmc:
  2. I have this remote and it's great. I wanted a simple to use remote for my wife to use while using xbmc. After I set it up with the flirc she loves it.she uses the option button on the remote to download all her favorite TV shows and watches them whenever she feels like it.
  3. Hello Jason, I just had to say thank you very much for a great product. Got the flirc the other day plugged it into my windows 7 laptop and programmed it as a full keyboard. Man was that easy I use it for xbmc and windows media center it works like a charm. I have it plugged into a belkin powered USB hub plugged into my htpc using one of the USB ports,I then used the next USB port for my Logitech k400 wireless keyboard and low and behold I can use them at the same time that's incredible. So my wife can use the lg remote that came with the tv and we can use the keyboard when we want to surf the web I love it. Showed my setup to a couple of friends last nite and they were blown away with it they all wanted to take the flirc home and try it. Of course the wife said no way it's hers now. So I told them to go to your website and order there own flirc. Thank you again loving it. Bob
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