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  1. Thanks. I'm surprised to hear that based on this 2011 blog posting from FLIRC that discussed added support. http://blog.flirc.tv/beta-firmware-to-support-rc6-wmce-and-xbmc-remotes/
  2. Sorry, it's an add-on built into XBMC for Microsoft Media Center Remotes that already has all of the commands built in for XBMC control using the standard MCE Remote. I was hoping I'd be able to enable the app and use the MCE remote on systems where I don't have a Harmony, and then use the Harmony and the MCE Remote in my main family room. It appears that it should work by just enabling it, but it doesn't. I know I can learn the commands from the remote / flirc, but there are many keyboard commands already in the XBMC add-on I though it might be easier and better than learning them. Here's the add-on details -> http://addons.xbmc.org/show/plugin.program.mceremote/
  3. I've just completed building my first XBNC platform and am down to the remote control plans. Part 1 of this is about using the Microsoft MCE remote (planned for a couple of my TVs) I initially bought a FLIRC to use with my Windows 8 NUC where I initially used the MCE remote by manually learning the basic commands. It occurred to me that I was reinventing the wheel, and probably missing some commands, vs using the MCE Remote app that's part of XBMC. So, I installed the app, but the remote doesn't work. At all. Should it? if so, is there already a thread on making this work? I searched, but didn't find one. Part 2 is about using the Harmony One (planned for the TV in my family room) I saw quite a bit of conversation on this, but I haven't headed off there yet. It does work though? Thanks in advance for any experience learned help on this!
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