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  1. i was >< this close to make this topic.. I think it would be wonderful to make an Flirc remote, i bought a Harmony Touch, it sucked so much so i returned it, everything sucked. Would be great to have a STANDARD remote with: *No screen fancy stuff. *standard layout, good comfort, good reach. *6-8 stored layouts. *Easy learn commands from other remotes, press learn, press button, send IR to the remote, done. *Load layouts from USB, share maps with other users. *Basic editing with software. Thats all we need, no fancy shit that makes you mad.... The harmony has great reviews, but since i needed to unlock, press menu, select devices, select device, just to get it going!? screw that!!! And those automatic scenes are a good concept, but since IR is one-way communication, things can get out of hand pretty quick....
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