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  1. I think my Flirc has gone bad. I inserted it into a different computer and then tried to force a Firmware update on it again, but this time, I see a very strange firmware version. If I remember correctly, it's something like 16.16. Unlike the first firmware upgrade, this time the firmware upgrade process is taking forever.
  2. My computer now hang when Flirc is inserted. It is as if there is a conflict with my mouse, because the mouse cursor has disappeared. If I removed Flirc then everything is back to normal again. I've tried rebooting my computer multiple time, but this issue persists. Have anyone encountered this problem and know how to fix it? Thanks
  3. I'm unsuccessful at programing the home button of the Amazon FireTV on to Flirc. My guess is that the home button on the Amazon FireTV remote is different than the home key on the keyboard. Do you know the sequence of keys on the keyboard that is equivalent to the home button on the Amazon FireTV remote? Thanks
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