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  1. For those interested in adding commands to the Harmony Ultimate remote using Flirc and XBMC, there is a very simple way to do that without having to fiddle with : - installing the old generic Samsung/Panasonic TV generic profiles to emulate the Flirc device - using the command learning feature of the Harmony remote - manually editing XML keyboard layout files Just add a device using the Flirc Harmony profile in the Harmony app, so you don't have to manually assign all the keys to buttons using the Flirc GUI In case some key/button assignments are missing, make the necessary adjustments using the Flirc GUI. For example, the M key (OSD menu) cannot be mapped to a button in the Harmony app. What i did was i assigned the DVR button on my remote to the AudioNextLanguage command in the Harmony app. Then, i overrode that assignment by associating the DVR button to the M key using the Flirc GUI. The thing is, you have to first assign commands to buttons in the Harmony app before those buttons become available in the Flirc GUI. Going from that, i was able to assign the wake and suspend commands to buttons on my Harmony remote and add those commands to my "Use XBMC" activity. Now my PC goes to sleep when pressing the OFF button and wakes up when pressing the XBMC activity button. More on that here :
  2. I think i've found a very simple way to trigger suspend/wake using a Harmony Ultimate Hub with the Flirc module using XBMC. I am using the Flirc profile in the Harmony app as i find it is more straightforward than going through the hassle of using the generic Panasonic/Samsung TV profile and manually assigning buttons in the Flirc Windows GUI. As the Flirc device in the Harmony app does not provide any poweron/poweroff commands in the Activity section, i did as follows : - using the Harmony app, i assigned two unused commands (Zoom+ and Zoom-) to the "--" and "E" buttons on the Harmony remote (the ones at the bottom left and right) - having done that, the two buttons became available in the Flirc GUI : using the Flirc keyboard layout, i overrode the Zoom+/Zoom- Harmony assignments and associated the "--" and "E" buttons respectively with the Wake and S keys - back to the Harmony app, i was able to add start/stop steps to my "Use XBMC" activity (start command : "Zoom+", stop commands : "Zoom-" and "Select") As of now : - pressing the XBMC activity button on my remote turns on my TV/amp and wakes my PC from suspend mode - pressing the OFF button turns off my TV/amp, calls the XBMC shutdown menu and launches the Suspend command.
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