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  1. For those interested in adding commands to the Harmony Ultimate remote using Flirc and XBMC, there is a very simple way to do that without having to fiddle with : - installing the old generic Samsung/Panasonic TV generic profiles to emulate the Flirc device - using the command learning feature of the Harmony remote - manually editing XML keyboard layout files Just add a device using the Flirc Harmony profile in the Harmony app, so you don't have to manually assign all the keys to buttons using the Flirc GUI In case some key/button assignments are missing, make the necessary adjustme
  2. I think i've found a very simple way to trigger suspend/wake using a Harmony Ultimate Hub with the Flirc module using XBMC. I am using the Flirc profile in the Harmony app as i find it is more straightforward than going through the hassle of using the generic Panasonic/Samsung TV profile and manually assigning buttons in the Flirc Windows GUI. As the Flirc device in the Harmony app does not provide any poweron/poweroff commands in the Activity section, i did as follows : - using the Harmony app, i assigned two unused commands (Zoom+ and Zoom-) to the "--" and "E" buttons on the Harmony r
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