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  1. Got it all configured now, and it's working very well. Quite happy at the moment. Thanks for the recommendation of the Simple 4 remote, the combi control is really nice and exactly what I wanted.
  2. ahh I can't get it to work at all. I getting phantom keypresses all over the place no matter if I try to use Sony or Panasonic profile. Keeping getting button already exists message when I try to program FLIRC and I can see that the buttons are being clicked but I'm not actually clicking the buttons. Looking in the bugs forum... EDIT: I stopped trying to program FLIRC on my Windows laptop, and switched over to my desktop computer which is also running Windows. Once I switched over the programming is going just fine. Not sure why there is a difference there...
  3. Nevermind, somethings happening now, I think I wasn't holding down the power button long enough when I pointed it at the FLIRC.
  4. Ok I got my flirc in the mail today and I'm trying to program my remote and I'm stuck. I want to use panasonic code for my profile to control flirc with. I want to assign flirc to the "Audio" button on my universal remote. I set up the audio button as a pansonic profile but it says I have to finish setting it up by pressing the audio button and pointing it at the device and holding down the power button until the device turns off. I don't actually own a panasonic TV and I'm not sure how to reproduce this with the FLIRC. So far FLIRC is only detecting keys when I'm on the TV profile which controls my Samsung TV, and I don't want this because it will interfere with the TV, which is why I'm trying to use Panasonic on the "Audio" profile. Here is the remote's manual: http://www.oneforall.com/downloads/dl/file/id/137/urc_6440_manual_code_list_and_warranty.pdf Thanks for your help.
  5. i bought OARUSB04G today. Flirc is ordered and in the mail. Question: Should I program the remote to work with FLIRC using a random TV profile that I don't own (such as Panasonic)? Or should I program the remote work with FLIRC using Windows MCE profile. Do you program the remote for Windows MCE by selecting "MCE" as the brand on simpleset.com?
  6. Thanks for the info about the One-For-All Simple 4 remote. It looks like a good remote and it is available at my local BestBuy so I may have to pick one up :) As I understand it these are my options for an IR remote: 1. Windows MCE remote and receiver - cost around $20-$30: PROS: The cheapest solution CONS: Windows MCE remotes are typically low quality usually not universal. Cannot support as complex of key mapping as FLIRC for programs like XBMC. 2. Learning remote + Windows MCE remote and receiver. Use the Windows MCE remote to teach the learning remote. PROS: Still relatively cheap. May work better than FLIRC for programs that have poor keyboard support. CONS: Cannot support as complex of key mapping as FLIRC for programs like XBMC. 3. Universal remote + FLIRC PROS: Still relatively cheap. Supports more complex key mappings for programs like XBMC compared to Windows MCE remote. CONS: May not work well for programs that have poor keyboard support. 4. Harmony remote + either Windows MCE receiver or FLIRC PROS: Well supported, fancy features. CONS: Expensive. The cheapest model is $50 plus the cost of receiver or FLIRC bringing total cost to $70 minimum. Also have heard some reports of button press lag? Seems like the One-For-All Simple 4 remote would be a good fit for options 2 or 3. I think I'm still leaning towards buying a universal remote like the One-For-All Simple 4 remote combined with FLIRC because I like the idea of having more control of key mappings.
  7. Thanks I'm using XBMC + NextPVR currently. I've also thought about potentially using Windows 8 Media Center - does it have good keyboard support?
  8. I have a Windows 8 PC sitting directly beside my Samsung TV. What I'm hoping to do is a buy FLIRC and combine it with a cheap universal remote control. I'd prefer to use the universal remote control alone to control my TV, my blu ray player, and my HTPC all without interfering with each other. What I mean by interfering is that if I'm using the remote to control my HTPC and I press a button on the remote intended for FLIRC, then in most cases I probably wouldn't want the TV's IR receiver to also pick up that button press and react to it because it may cause weirdness. I am considering using FLIRC with this remote control: http://www.amazon.com/RCA-RCRN08GR-Device-Universal-Backlit/dp/B003EYV21K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1406518466&sr=8-1&keywords=rca+8+universal+remote Are there any other options besides FLIRC that would work well for me? From what I've read the Windows Media Center remotes kind of stink and there aren't many Windows MCE remotes that are also universal remotes. Another option I've read about is the Harmony remote series, but I'm not sure I want to spend that much money on one and I've head of possible issues with delay/slowness with harmony remotes. Thanks for your help.
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