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  1. I tried a couple of remote settings, only setting my Universal remote to work was either Samsung or Panasonic, although with limited functionality. When using either Panasonic or Samsung device some of the buttons are disabled by default for some reason. Normally this would not be an issue, I would just put my Universal remote into learning mode and it would work. But I don't have a Samsung or Panasonic remote to do that. I tried a old XBOX DVD remote, IIRC it should work out of the box with a MCE IR dongle. Nothing worked on that remote. I did notice when programming the Flirc, I received messages that the button already exits. A second try work however. For Linux I should have guessed needed root to program the Flirc. Might not be a bad idea to test if the OS is Linux and if the User is root, might make it a bit more friendly.
  2. Forced upgrade, it stills reports
  3. sudo worked, but the GUI menu is nearly unreadable, black text on dark black. Looks like when I did a firmware upgrade on Windows the firmware got hosed. .
  4. I needed to add --force for it to install When I run the GUI I redirected stdin & stdout flirc.out.gz As you can see there is no menu and nothing to allow me to change to XBMC or any other device. My last programming attempt was on Windows and flirc_util said the key were programmed, but only the left mouse worked. On Linux, the system sees the Flirc, But flirc_util & Flirc GUI can't find the device Hopefully the firmware upgrade will fix everything. I can wait a few if need be.
  5. Just got a Flirc today and I must I'm very disappointed, especially after reading all the positive reviews. First the Linux version is very lacking. I can't choose the media conviguration, in fact there in no menu at all to choose anything. I'm running Fedora 20 Fired up Windows and started programming my Universal remote model URC WR7, and I kept getting Out of space errors. Upgraded the firmware, attempted to program the device, it seemed to work. When I plugged it into my XBMC HTPC, only 1 of the keys I programmed worked. Next I ran
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