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  1. Thank you so much for these instructions, the instructions on the main download page is awful and should be updated with these... Anyone who is a beginner with ubuntu would have trouble using the sparse instructions that were written there, hence why I had to google to find better instructions. Sorry for the criticism, LOVE the product just think the instructions on installing could of been better when I went to the main page :)
  2. That would work, but defeat the purpose of what I actually need. I have xbmc starting as the desktop so once it feezes it has to be killed in order for it to restart, which it does automatically once killed. I can make it work if I run xbmc on the actual lubuntu desktop, but not if I run xbmc as the desktop. Thanks for the suggetion though :)
  3. Sigh, no one can help me with this? I know its not exactly flirc related but was hoping someone might know how to do it.
  4. This is by far one of the easiest pieces of hardware to setup. I can't fathom how someone can't figure out how to set it up excluding the more advanced setups.
  5. Hello, I've searched to try and find a way of mapping a button so that when and if xbmc freezes I can push this button and it runs killall -9 xbmc.bin. However what I have found doesn't seem to work. I am running xbmc as a desktop so it boots straight into it. I created a script which is just the command mentioned above and made it executable. When I'm on the desktop and run it, it works. but when I reboot and go to xbmc it will not work. Can someone who has done this can give a quick tutorial on how to make this work it be much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. It no longer is crashing, and I figured out how to turn off the auto start. LoL I should of checked the settings on that :) Is this still being developed?
  7. This crashes XBMC and oddly enough tries to start on every start up of xbmc. I'm using it on Openelec gotham.
  8. Thanks, i was just about to post this question :)
  9. Hello, flirc works great with my openelec media center on the TV which I set it up on. However it doesn't work when I take the media center and remote to a different TV. I figured it would work since it is the same remote which was setup on it just a different TV. So I guess my question is can I get this to work with the same remote on different TVs without having to resetup the remote?
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