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  1. Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV

    The flirc_util.exe record-api 0 101 for the menu key does not seem to work on 1.2.7-rc.5 which I just downloaded. I have tried this on a Win 7 VM (mac os) as well as on a Win8. The util seems to be very limited on OSX based on the help file. Please help for recording the menu key.
  2. Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV

    When I try to execute the flirc_util command on OS X 10.9.4 from the osx directory, I get the following error: dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/libusb-1.0.0.dylib
  3. Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV

    I am unable to record the Menu button via the command line. When I execute flirc_util record_api 0 101 from the command line, I do not get a prompt to press a key on my remote. It just ends without recording anything. I am using v1.2.7-rc.4 Thanks
  4. Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV

    Thanks Jason. I have made strides in configuring my Harmony 650 for my FireTV using the rc4 fw.
  5. Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV

    Very frustrated in trying to program my Harmony 650 with Flirc. I followed schneid's and tonyski's instructions above but cannot seem to get the Flirc GUI to recognize the key presses from an old Toshiba HD-DVD remote. The key in the GUI keeps blinking no matter how long I press the corresponding key on the remote. I even tried it with the 4-in-1 remote that came with my Toshiba TV. Would love to return it to Amazon and go back to my K400 keyboard.
  6. Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV

    Thank you Schneid and Tonyski. I will try again using your methods.
  7. Using Flirc with Amazon fireTV

    Jason, Is the FireTV profile ready for public consumption? if so, please let me know how I can access it. I have not had much luck trying to use the XBMC profile and then extend for the firetv. Thanks