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  1. Sorry Jason i am actually confused. If i use my dinovo mini to wake the htpc it has a a power button on it that when i press FN and the power button it auto boots, on the harmony 900 i attempt to use the activity, i tried link a button on the harmony to the wake but it did not work.
  2. Hi, Jason i am on the latest firmware 2.6 i did that one last night. One question in order to record the suspend/wake key on the media key controller do i press the wake button on the virtual keyboard then on harmony 900 i select the button i want to wake it up ? or do i press the activity button. As it just kept asking me to select the corrasponding button to record.
  3. Hi everyone, just got my flirc yesterday, and i am having some troubles with it. Hardware: Custom built i3 Asrock h77m-itx 4gb ram BIOS 1.90 Harmony 900 remote Dinovo Mini Blue tooth Keyboard FLIRC XBMC Gotham 13.1 It took me awhile to get it working but flirc is working fine, i have programed the activity to use flirc on the harmony 900 it will power on my tv and zvox but not my htpc, i have to use my dinovo mini to power it on. For the life of me i can not figure out why the flirc does not power on my htpc, i have checked all the bios settings updated to the latest asrock bios 1.90, i even used my wireless logitech keyboard and it powers the machine one with no issues. If someone could help me that would be so good. Could it be that i am putting it to a shutdown state rather than sleep mode state ? that is why it is not wkring if so then why would my other devices be able to power it on. thanks w
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