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  1. yes that was the first thing that i checked and did. i'm also using program version 1.2.9. it just won't see more than one key in the cable mode.
  2. I am trying to program my Flirc to work with my comcast remote. It will let me sucessfully program one button, but when I go on to the next one and I get button already exists. After I stop it and see what buttons it took, all the buttons light up with the up button. meaning: I press "1", "up" lights up.... I press "ok", " u"p lights up.... I press "down, "up" lights up. If I use any other remote to program it, it will work fine. Is there a know issue with Comcast remotes? I even went as far as to unlock the remote and try programming it with the tv function on the remote. that worked . it just won't work with the cable function on the remote. is it just not compatible?
  3. I was able to get all of the buttons to say they recorded, but when I go into windows media center, nothing happens when the buttons are pressed.
  4. I just purchased flirc off of amazon. I'm trying to set it up for the first time. I'm trying to use a comcast remote with my HTPC, but everytime I go to program more than one button, the program gives me "button already exists". I have tried 3 different comcast remotes, and each one does the same thing. I can set it up with my Panasonic TV remote, but i need the comcast one to work since it also controls my surround sound system. With the comcast remote, it seems to act as if every key press is the same button. Is there a fix for this? GUI version 1.2.6 firmware version 2.6 dark silver comcast remote This was also happening before I forced the firmware update.
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