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  1. Nothing like answering your own questions. Anyway, to contribute to future FLIRC users, here is a FAQ for headless FLIRC activities: 1) Shortcut custom hotkeys must be on the desktop to work. 2) Program your FLIRC with physical keyboard and monitor. Then carefully note below. 2) If using a headless PC, you CANNOT ever use RDP protocol to control/login to the PC if you want shortcut hotkeys to work. Shortcut hotkeys become disabled up on activating RDP and STAY disabled. Solution: enable automatic login and put your FLIRC controlled software in the "startup" folder. If you have to wade through prompts, program FLIRC with an "enter" key and hit that key a few times to bring up your software. Arcane stuff, but maybe important to FLIRC users. Starmanj
  2. Is it possible windows shortcut commands (ctl+alt+number) only work with a physical keyboard? Has anyone used FLIRC to replace a keyboard to trigger a shortcut?
  3. I'm trying to control a headless Itunes server. FLIRC works perfectly as long as I have a physical keyboard and monitor (I'm sending keyboard commands to windows shortcut keys). But when I remove the keyboard and monitor, windows seems to ignore the FLIRC commands. Not sure if FLIRC isn't sending the command or windows simply ignores it. Starmanj
  4. The only way to stop this behavior is by forcing a firmware upgrade. Then it stops reporting the button already recorded. This seems to be a firmware bug, not clearing the configuration. Starmanj
  5. Is there a way to reset the FLIRC other than the "clear configuration" which doesn't work?
  6. Thanks but still doesn't work. Can FLIRC think the two buttons are too similar?
  7. I keep hitting "clear configuration", and try to record a key, but I get "button already recorded". How can it be already recorded if I just cleared the configuration?
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