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  1. Well, I gave up. It constantly connects and disconnects on every computer I try it with. Back to Amazon it goes. Any suggestions on better quality IR devices like the FLIRC? I don't really want to try another one of these after this experience.
  2. Just received a new FLIRC from Amazon.com. Tried it on my windows 7 64bit laptop, and it goes through a constant connect/disconnect loop. It will be seen in device manager for about 3 seconds, then drops out, then again, then gone, then again, then gone........ I was finally able to do a manual driver install, so that it is at least recognized, but still every 10 seconds or so, it disconnects and reconnects. Tried it on another PC, and it does the exact same thing. Do I have a bad FLIRC? Very frustrating as my el cheapo IR receiver works just fine.
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