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  1. This one worked great until updated the firmware and re-input everything.
  2. I am bumping this, because the second issue I listed above is driving me crazy: "2. When holding down the buttons that are assigned the left, right, up and down keys, I can no longer advance more than one item per button press and hold...using the program guide as an example: I was used to being able to hold these buttons down and scroll around...now it will only moves one field." The first issue is now random and rare, but this issue is persistant and increasingly aggrevating. This probably would not bother me so much if it did not work as I expected before. Does anyone know why this is happening? Better question, does anyone know how to fix this? Was this functionality changed in a more recent update, or something. Thanks
  3. Well, I guess I spoke too soon. Now, the one attched to my computer (the original one), is acting flakey, and it is not a keyboard mapping issue, this time. I have not tried the other two. A couple of things have started happening: 1. As I said previously, I use Alt+F4 to close Kodi....and I use Ctrl+Alt+Z to open Kodi. Now, when I click the button to open Kodi, it appears to be sending both of these combinations, because I get the Windows shutdown option window and Kodi opens behind it. 2. When holding down the buttons that are assigned the left, right, up and down keys, I can no longer advance more than one item per button press and hold...using the program guide as an example: I was used to being able to hold these buttons down and scroll around...now it will only move one field. Please note, these are annoyances, not gamebreakers. Any ideas.
  4. I know wha you mean. I am in the healthcare tech world (radiology to be specific). I just rolled out 30+ replacement workstattions last week, and then started troubleshooting the issues that always immediately creep up. But, that sinking feeling is always looming, because you don't want to affect patient care...so every phone call is accompanied by a little prayer just before I answer. I hope it goes bettr for you. Take care.
  5. Alright, I am all good now. Turned out to be a keyboard mapping issue with Kodi. Last night, when I could not get Alt+F4 to work properly to shut down Kodi, I explored remapping a keyboard shortcut, within Kodi. Apparently, I messed something up. When working with Flirc, today, I assumed it was the issue. But, it turned out that using my keyboard did not work either. I reinstalled Kodi and all is well. I was also able to transfer the configuration to the other two dongles and install them on my sons' computers. You live and learn...and I am back to loving these little guys. Thanks again for you help.
  6. Now, I am just getting mad. I updated all three to firmware 3.5 (which is weird...because two were at 3.1 last night and one was at 2.6...I updated the one on 2.6 and it only updated to 3.1...then, today, when I was doublechecking that they were all up to date...there was 3.5...so, I updated them all to 3.5) and software version 1.3.4. I have now spent several hours of my weekend trying to get this to work...and it is the worst it has been. I cannot get xbmc to do anything but start and close...nothing else works. I am using a DirecTV RC65R remote (all three remotes are this model). Oddly enough, the only two buttons I use that have a combination of keys is the button to open Kodi (I use the hotkeys ctrl+alt+z) and the button to close Kodi (alt+F4)...and these are the only two buttons that now work (even they are not consistant with working). I have attached a diagram that demonstrates the layout I have been using successfully, until yesterday. This worked really great and I loved it so much, I decided to buy two more for each of my boys' computers. I thought it would be an easy thing to copy over the configuration to the two new ones...it has been anything but easy.
  7. Well, I have most of it sorted, but I was using Alt+F4 to immediately shutdown Kodi. This worked fine, before...but, now, it seems like the button push is sending more than one instance. Before, it would just shutdown Kodi. Now, it shuts down Kodi and brings up the Windows 7 shutdown dialogue window....sometimes the shutdown window loops like Alt+F4 is being repeatedly pushed. I am headed to bed, so catch you sometime later today. Thanks again.
  8. No. The first one is/was on 2.6...the others are on 3.1. I upgraded the firmware on the one and lost everything...yeah, I know it said it may happen, so I wrote all the settings down. Now, when I try to program it, the software is very flakey. If I mess up on a button, it will not let me redo it. Even if I erase the button, it acts like it is still mapped, but when I select redo, it does nothing, so I have to clear configuration and try again. I programmed it and tried it (this is to work with Kodi)...mostly garbage now. I will continue to mess with it, but I sure like the older firmware...it worked for me...is there an easy way back? Thanks for your help, just a bit frustrated.
  9. I have three Flirc dongles and three of the same remote. One Flirc dongle is programmed the way I like it. Using any of the three remotes,,,it works as expected. I want to duplicate the settings on the other two dongles. What I have done...without any success: With dongle one (the one programmed as I want it) plugged in: after programming, I select to save configuration. It saves the configuration. I unplug dongle one and plug in either of the other dongles (it does not matter which of those two I have plugged in, I get the same result): it registers as "connected" in the lower right corner of Flirc window. I select 'Load Configuration' and select the configuration file I saved from dongle one. It processes and reads 'File Restored'. Attempting to use from any of those remotes results in nothing happening. I have also tried to 'Clear Configuration' and then 'Load Configuration', but the result is the same. Plug dongle one back in and everything is good. Any help is appreciated.
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