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  1. That worked perfectly! Thank you, awesome product!
  2. Unlike the people complaining that they have problems with repeating keys, I would actually like that. I have to press the up or down button a million times to scroll though a long list of shows. (what is this the dark ages? lol). I am wondering if there is a way for the Flirc to just repeat the command as long as you hold down the button?
  3. I have this same remote and also can not get it to work. If I try to program 80 keys, it works just fine, but when I add the last 4 (total of 84) the Flirc simply stops working and NONE of the buttons on the remote return a value. I have version 1.2.4 and the latest firmware. Suspected that there may be a problem with the "erase" command and started fresh. This time only programming 76 buttons on the remote and saving after each group of buttons. All seems to be working, even the previous keys that gave me the "button already exists" error. I can manage with the 76 keys, I will try the last 6 or so later on and save after each time and see what happens. Maybe the act of erasing and adding adds to the memory?
  4. Upon more testing, I notice that if 2 buttons are programmed the same key, you have to delete both in order to change one. For example, my remote shows both "mute" and the "i" key as i. I wanted "mute" to show M. So "erase" and pressing "mute" said "erased" but then when I tried to reassign "mute" it said "button already exists" no way to erase it. However, if I erase "mute" and the "i" key and then reassign the "i" key with "i" and then erase the "mute" key once again for a second time, I can then reassign the "mute" button to "m". "Erase" does not seem to work for a button if there is another button programmed with the same key. Also, I think I may have maxed the Flirc out with my remote that has 84 buttons. I know the Flirc is supposed to have 160, but that does not seem to be the case. A few of my buttons are double keys (control+f3) for example, but only like 5 of them, so I would still be below the 160 limit. But when I try to program the last 4 buttons, all seems to go well,but then the Flirc is magically blank. I mean the Flirc thinks it is programmed because the GUI will say "button already exists" if I try to program it, but when I put the Flirc into a PC to test it, NONE of the remote keys work. So somehow, it can see the button presses when in the GUI and know that slot is full, but when I try to use the Flirc in a PC with the last 4 buttons programmed, the entire thing no longer works. All buttons return no value.
  5. I receive the "button already exists" error. Erasing the button does nothing. So i try to "disable 'built-in profiles'" but I un-check the box, close it, then open it, and it is checked again. Seems to be not way to disable it. Flirc v.1.2.4 and latest firmware (can't see the number because it is cut off in the GUI, but I just upgraded it before monogramming). I'm using Windows 7 and one of those Visio QWERTY remotes. 99% works perfect! I just can't get mute button to be "mute". I have no problem assigning it to another button. EDIT: ​After a bunch of trial and error, I think the problem again is that the Flirc can't tell the difference between a few frequencies. It seems as if I have at least four buttons on my remote that the Flirc thinks are the same? But I also have many random mess-ups where as I program some keys, others stop, but then when I go back and redo the ones that stopped, the others still work. There must be an order where it will take, and one that it will not? Please take this ONLY as constructive criticism as I do love this invention and it seems to work very well when configuring a basic remote. My old Tivo remotes worked perfect but did not give me the qwerty feature I need now.
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