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  1. No problem! Glad I can help in anyway... Switching to the Samsung setting seemed to have really helped the IR as well. I can point it in the general direction and not directly at the FLIRC, and the reception is great. Didn't change anything else with the remote so it has to be the settings.
  2. Awesome!!! That seems to have done it! Thanks very much I might need to invest in a fancy Harmony remote at some point... any suggestions?
  3. Ok I can give it a try. The remote is also mapped with my Panasonic TV on the TV setting... Will it cause issues if I preload the DVD or VCR setting with the Samsung? Should I just preload it with another Panasonic device to be sure? Thanks
  4. I have a couple others... but do they have to be programmable? The other remote I have just has other inputs (TV, AV, etc). In the Flirc utility, I tried mapping it on the MINIMALIST setting, and I noticed when you press the GO button it walks you through each button for mapping. I don't get the same thing with the XMBC setting. If I press the GO button it does nothing, and I have to click on each individual key with the mouse then map it with the key I want on the remote. This doesn't seem to be consistent. Tried new batteries and got the same results. Also, I tried reprogramming and using the minimalist setting... and I get the same results. Some keys work, so don't. For the ones that do work It seems you really have to hold it for a second for it to get it going, then they will be more responsive (eg. scrolling up). I'm wondering if it is the firmware? It seems odd that it would "partially" work but not 100%. In the utility, it says I have Flirc v0.96, and in the bottom left corner about the ERASE button it says Firmware v1 Any thoughts? Thanks
  5. Hello! Received my Flirc about a week ago, and I have mapped it a few times in the XMBC setting and I seem to have issues with only some of the keys working. The remote I'm using is a programmable one provided by my cable company, but it is; Universal Electronics M1056F Rev. 3.0 The keys are very slow to respond and lag a bit, and I can only get some to work... For example, up/right will work but not left/down. That is about as far as I got as I know something isn't right due to the lag in the channel change too. I am using it with WindowsXP, and I downloaded the latest Flirc.exe (0.97) Any suggestions??? Thanks!
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