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  1. OMG... think I just figured it out. Of course, it never fails. The same second you finally decide to make your own thread, you solve the problem on your own 5 minutes later. I found this thread a few minutes ago: I realized, maybe I'm getting lots of crazy button presses because the signal is going to BOTH the Harmony hub and the Flirc? In that thread, he mentioned clearing the configuration in Flirc. So I did that, and boom, flawless remote control in XBMC. I would have tried clearing the config days ago but somehow I kept overlooking that option. Staring at the same stuff for so long, everything starts to blur after a bit :) Amazing product, and reading this forum for a couple hours... I can see what amazing support there is. Always so happy to help and quick to apologize for problems. Awesome!
  2. I ordered my Flirc Friday and was way too excited so I paid for next day shipping and got it Saturday :-D Some background info to set the scenario. Here's my setup... Windows 7 - 32bit XBMC 13.1 (Gotham) Harmony Smart Remote I was able to very quickly get the remote to work with Flirc, but I'm not really sure HOW it's working, and I'd like to better understand. Mainly because it's not working perfectly and I'm not sure if it's because I set it up incorrectly. At first, I went straight into the Flirc software and manually programmed the general buttons (directional + 'OK'). Then I went into the XBMC section of Flirc and setup some other buttons (Play, Pause, etc etc...). I went into XBMC and the remote was working, but not working very well. I'd press LEFT on the remote a few times in a row and it would go LEFT, LEFT, LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT. Just a few presses will sometimes make it scroll really quickly, much much farther than I wanted to go. I must have done something wrong? Then I realized there's a Flirc/XBMC device profile for the Harmony Smart Remote. I figured that's gotta be the right way to go about this, so I loaded that and synced my hub. But this is where my confusion starts. How the heck is this thing working now? What does loading the Flirc/XBMC profile into my hub even do? How does it all come together and recognize the remote? The remote seems to be working SOMEWHAT better (I think?), but it still scrolls like crazy semi-often so I wouldn't consider it anywhere near ideal. When I press buttons on my remote, what's receiving the signal?? The Flirc directly? Or does it go to my Harmony Smart Remote Hub and that passes it to the Flirc dongle? That's what I would LIKE to happen, right? But is it? I'm so confused. I don't really "get it" and I'm pretty sure I'm not setup quite right. I've read through the forums for a couple hours, and looked at all the help, and did some searches, but I'm not quite finding what I'm looking for. Problem is, I don't even really know what I'm looking for! If anyone can point me in the right direction where I can read more to fully understand how to properly setup my Flirc for XBMC and Harmony Smart Remote.. that would be really great.
  3. If you're on Windows... check out this guide:
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