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  1. Just to follow up, this is the error I get when running Flirc with sudo on my 64-bit #! installation fl_open_devices(344): trying to open: 20A0 :: flirc.tv [D] fl_open_devices(390): 1d6b:0002 (bus 1, device 1) [D] fl_open_devices(390): 1d6b:0002 (bus 2, device 1) [D] fl_open_devices(390): 8087:0020 (bus 1, device 2) [D] fl_open_devices(390): 8087:0020 (bus 2, device 2) [D] fl_open_devices(390): 046d:c52b (bus 2, device 13) [D] fl_open_devices(390): 138a:0005 (bus 2, device 4) [D] fl_open_devices(390): 20a0:0001 (bus 2, device 20) [D] fl_open_devices(433): Vendor: flirc.tv [D] fl_open_devices(453): [Vendor Match] ./Flirc: symbol lookup error: ./Flirc: undefined symbol: libusb_get_port_number Thanks Steve
  2. Hi Jason, That worked on my 32-bit XBMCBuntu installation, but threw some kind of library error on my 64-bit Crunchbang installation. In any case, I was able to program it with my 32-bit system. Just a couple of suggestions, if you don't mind. 1. Include a readme with instructions (or hints like you need to run with sudo) 2. Maybe the device and include a little LED to to indicate that it is connected and working. Great work. It works great with my Harmony 640. Thanks Steve
  3. Hi I received my Flirc device today. Plugged it into 3 different Linux machines and none of them would recognize it. Running the ./Flirc just kept saying could not open device. Am I missing something? Or is it DOA? Thanks Steve
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