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  1. I'm still having problems. Any chance of a fix? I cant use this otherwise
  2. Tried both those things. Also I tried setting delay to 6. Still not working. Realistically, it _must_ be a software bug, right? Button presses work fine till a point, then after that new button presses get stuck after they are pressed. It doesn't sound like an interference problem, because that would surely be intermittent, less predictable. Come on man, fix yo shizzle!! People throw away good money on this junk!
  3. Sorry, I forgot to mention, yes it is at 2.6.
  4. **** HIJACKING TOP POST **** READ FIRST This is Jason, I've identified the problem, we confirmed the fix, and all you need to do is make sure you're on the latest v3.3 firmware which is now live on the site. If you aren't asked to upgrade when firing up the latest v1.3.0 Flirc Graphical User Interface, then go to File->Advanced Force Firmware Upgrade. ************************************* Hi there, Just brought one of these things and let me say - my first impression is of utter disappointment. Every half hour or so (say, every 7th button press on the remote) it will get stuck and then any button pressed on the remote afterwards will just be repeated about 20 times. So to summarize: Only happens when I push a button Once it happens, any other buttons pressed will get stuck as well Aiming the remote elsewhere in the room doesnt stop the keypresses Its plugged into the front of my HTPC, which is not in a cabinet, and its literally 1.5m away from where i am sitting The remote is for a Sony Bravia, cant remember model and cant be bothered looking it up since its clearly a firmware software bug. So yeah, thats all. In its current state its pretty unusable - I'm going back to using my phone and the XBMC remote to control things. Hopefully you can sort this shit out soon cause if you can't I'm returning it and demanding a refund.
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