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  1. Wow, talking about service! Thanks Jason, looking forward to testing this! Oh btw, thank you for Flirc, it's one of those product I use every day and just can't live without :p.
  2. HI everyone! I'm enjoying my flirc that I am using together with a XBOX One Media Remote and my Nuc, which is running Ubuntu 14.04 & XBMC. Normally, I let my NUC run all the time, but it's getting too hot lately and I have been thinking to let it suspend when it is inactive. I see that I can program a wake key to my flirc remote and this all works perfectly, but is there an option to let my Nuc wake up from any key on the remote, without having to select a specific button for this task? General USB keyboards have this functionality, maybe something that I need to turn on in Ubuntu perhaps? It's because all the buttons on my XBOX One Remote are already filled with other options and programming a wake key would mean losing on of the other functions. So in general, let flirc listen to just any signal that comes from a remote OR let flirc react when any of the other programmed keys are pressed.
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