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  1. Magically when trying to reprogram Lirc the issues vanished... Can it be that installing the Lirc driver improved things?? Thanks :)
  2. Yes I had the stick attached to a different PC to program it and there I only used the Logitech remote to learn the keys. Then I attached the stick to the target PC noticing that even without the blaster and having Flirc in plain sight it worked unsatisfactory and much worse than during programming. Using the blaster then (where only this can reach the stick) it did not work at all :( Although the blaster is the strongest sender I ever had.
  3. Hi there, I have just recently set up my new Flirc stick and the mapping as such was nice and easy. I am using the stick with a Zotac mini PC and a Logitech Harmony One as remote. Also I have to use a IR repeater whenever I use by cinema projection screen. This IR repeater is a Marmitek Invisible Control 6 XTRA which is rather powerful as I can use my remote wherever I want in a larger room. There are two things that seem strange with Flirc: - Many people complain that the IR receiver is too sensitive. I cannot conirm this. For me the opposite is true: it is too insensitive! Can it be that the Flirc is very much depending on the angle it is attached to the PC? I cannot get it working from too many points in my room. Almost unusable sometimes! Me it be that the stick is damaged? - Using it with the IR Blaster does pretty much not work at all! My cinema screen covers the line of sight to the PC so that a repeater is required when the projection screen is pulled down. But signals from the repeater's IR blasters - although they are VERY powerful - are not detected by Flirc. I can only get it to work when it make direct contact between the IR blaster (sender) and the Flirc stick and it only works with a very specific angle!!! This is crazy?!! How can it be that the Flirc does not detect the signals of a VERY powerful IR blaster / repeater (which definetly works as other devices also respond easily). May it be that my device is somehow damaged?? Cheers, Oli
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