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  1. Specifically, I'm having problems with FLIRC performing very inconsistently on my Asus Chromebox running Openelec. I used a Windows 7 PC to set it up, and had no problems at all with the setup. I have tried clearing and reprogramming it more than a few times. I found after moving the FLIRC to a rear usb port on the Chromebox, I was getting slightly better performance, but still it will drop keys unexpectedly after working fine for a while. At times it works almost as well as I had hoped/expected it to, but at other times it is almost completely useless. Any ideas as to why this is happening? I really want to love this thing, but it has to work first. Also, the remote I'm using is the original XBOX dvd playback remote, which I have previously been using with Eventghost and a MCE adapter on another computer. The remote is working fine, no dead batteries etc.
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