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  1. Thanks a lot for your help. I managed to downgrade the firmware to 1.2.6. So both units are working fine with Kodi now. I noticed from the forums that quite a few people have had problems with 1.3.6, Do you suggest that I stick to 1.2.6 or upgrade to a more stable version when it comes out.
  2. Thanks, then that also means that the same remote button cannot be assigned to two different keys for different programs or can it? Meaning that if say the F key works for fast forward in Kodi, and in PowerDVD the same is done by say Q then with Flirc itself we cannot have a method to switch profiles for the same key from F to Q or is there any way? A software solution like Intelliremote of course works beautifully for this.
  3. Hi! I have two Flirc units and Windows 10. They were both programmed about a year or more ago with the then available firmware in Windows 8 and then put away, since I was waiting till the number keys could be used for sending triple taps (one numeric and then three alphabets ) like in SMS's. I decided to try them out now and upgraded one to the latest firmware 1.36 and tried to program, but faced considerable difficulties, like either having to press a key twice, or keys not working on a restart besides others. The second unit which had been programmed then seems to be working fine as it was without of course the desired triple tap keys. I request help on: 1. How do I transfer the exact firmware and programmed data from the working unit to the other one and thereby remove the new firmware and data from the newly prgrammed one. 2. Has triple tap been enabled or not yet ? Appreciate help.
  4. I have managed to do as stated in my above mail. Now Intelliremote gives me profile switching, triple tap keys for alpha numeric text and remote application execution, while Flirc does the rest of operation commands. Have done it for XBMC, and will try Powerdvd now. Thanks for help
  5. Ok. I have noticed while experimenting today that FLIRC works very smoothly. Since what I require is not available yet, I will try a go between: 1 Will let Intelliremote work for just the required numeric buttons, for the Green Start Button and the switch profile button. Will blank out all other commands to avoid duplicity of signals. 2. Will program FLIRC to use all buttons other than those in number 1 above. Let's see if I get the better points of each in a cohesive whole.
  6. It is in a cabinet. Does your answer mean that it is im material which side of the dongle when placed vertically at the end a cable, faces the remote.
  7. Newbie question help appreciated. I mount my Flirc on a USB extender cable and stick it below the TV for better receipt of IR signals. Which side of the unit should be in front facing the remote?
  8. I have been using Intelliremote software from Melloware alongwith HP MCE remotes and their IR receivers for last 3 years. The product works superbly, allows different profiles for say XBMC, PowerDVD, VLC and so on. Every button in every profile can be programmed as desired.The profiles are switched by pressing one assigned remote button and the start button on the remote is set to execute the respective profile program. It does everything you can expect from an HTPC remote including triple tap (alphanumeric keys), execute the program with the remote etcetera. I bought two FLIRC units recently hoping to further better my experience of HTPC remote control, Found it a great device in that it uses any remote in the house,but need help or comments on: a. How to enable triple tap keys (alphanumeric keys ( I use windows 8.1) b. Anyway to create different profiles and remotely execute an application. Thanks
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