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  1. Hello, I have read a lot of posting on this forum on mapping keys issues wich might be explaind by "false light" when in the learning mode, FLIRC reacts on all light sources containing infrared light in the right frequency including light from the sun, ledlights, monitor, photoframes, lightbulbs, reflections, TV, etc. (mine does/did anyway!) my easy sollution: I put the FLIRC in a small closed box with only a small opening for the remote transmitter. press the key to record, keep the remote before the small opening, press the remote button. as a result a had the remote operating whitin 5 minutes, no strange scrolling, no strange key repeating, no phantom movements, no strange "already used", no forgetting keys etc (All of that happend before!) If this is a bug, then its something like seeing all (infrared) light-flicering as a code. I think that programing the FLIRC so it can distinquis a real code and a random flicering will be a real challenge! (perhaps sending the FLIRC in a small box with the small opening as packing is easyer :) ) Henk
  2. Hello, I find the FLIRC a ingenius sollution and suprisingly easy to use, but... trough the internet i can find most common keyboard shortcuts, but not all so my suggestion: a "pinned" topic For each platform containing a table with the known keyboard shortcuts and description. in this way users can contibute found codes and (new) (unexperiened) users can find the codes on one central place Henk
  3. I have the same key trouble as Pitviber33. i checked it with the FLIRC utilities (from this forum) and it shows the correct mapping! Is there a (beta) fix? and, if so, where can i find it? (Perhaps a stupid idea, but can't we reassign this key's in MCE to a single key) And sinds i am here. When i am mapping my key's, FLIRC reacts on any lightsource in the room. I have solved it by putting the FLIRC in a closed box, made a small hole in it and taping the remote to the hole and then do the mapping. It take some work but it works another question which (keyboard) key's are for the RED/BLUE/YELLOW/GREEN key's an which one for TELETEXT rgrds Henk setup Win 7 MCE/FLIRC 1.0.2-Firmware 1 10-02-2011/Logitech harmony 300/ samsung setup from this forum
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