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  1. I'm using a streamzap remote with the Flirc, not sure if they made more than one but this is it: http://www.streamzap...emote/index.php The remote appears to send out two different codes per button press, and if you press the button and then press it again within a few seconds (up to 10 i think) you get a different code sent by the remote. but if you wait longer, 30 seconds to a minute, the remote goes back to it's original code. So when you first program the firc it only works every other button press. I was able to program it by programming each button on the remote twice. Through the GUI. The only issue i had was when programming the enter key, if i programmed the first code by the remote first, the gui always said i was reprograming the same button again when i tried the second one, and it got the enter press from the flirc sent through so the message window is instantly dismissed. but if I program the second code first, but pressing the button i wanted on the remote, then pressing the enter key in the flirc gui to program, then pressing the button again on the remote it would program the button, then i could program the first code normally for the enter key. So far it appears to work well, but for fast button presses and holding the button down.
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