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  1. Sir, I sent you an email through the support form an still haven't heard back. I sent you my contact information via PM in case there's some issue with the form.
  2. Okay, I reset the FLIRC configuration (not doing a reinstall of firmware). This got it working again. However, this is a continual issue I'm having with RPi + Openelec 4.0. It's losing the configuration frequently.
  3. Okay, so my FLIRC has worked well with the Harmony remote as well as with a previous Onkyo remote to control my RPi's Openelec installation. However, FLIRC seems to forget how to accept IR commands from either of the two remotes it is setup for. I have to reset it by reflashing it's BIOs each time. Then, it can either work instantly with my Harmony One or work after being reprogrammed to an Onkyo remote. This has just gotten way too annoying. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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