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  1. Burke, awesome thread. I had been thinking of doing exactly this, and now I know how. As it happens I have the same remote - the OneForAll urc 7140. Now I have a single remote to control my xbmc box, amp, and satellite receiver. If only I could get a code for it to control my optoma projector, it will be the perfect setup (for me). Again, thanks for an informative post.
  2. Hi, please could you let me know how you solved this as I have the same problem. I have recently installed 32 bit ubuntu 14.04 and I downloaded the .zip file for the gui Flirc.zip [v1.2.4] (Linux 32bit / raspii version). I extracted the .zip file and navigated to /Downloads/release/linux/ and double clicked the 'Flirc' executable file. This loaded the GUI, but neither the GUI nor my computer will recognise the Flirc usb dongle. I initially thought I have a broken dongle, but your post gives me hope. Please let me know what worked for you. _____________________________________________
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